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Heart-to-Heart Talk with the Sisterhood

When I first opened my Fire Wife Sisterhood in 2012, it was clear that women needed a safe place to discuss things that weren’t being talked about in other areas of their lives.  Because….. family often gossips and you don’t want work friends to know you’re struggling and you only see your college besties every so often and exactly where is the time to build your own friendships?

It can also be difficult to find friends who really “get” you and your struggles.

That Fire Wife Sisterhood bonded over truly personal and intimate topics - marriage struggles, sex life, fertility challenges, juggling work and family, depression and anxiety.

In each season of my life, I’ve sought out women who understood…. 

I had other pregnant women on bed rest….and will always share a good pregnancy war story.

Negotiating work and family balance with your employer… ongoing dialogue with even complete strangers I meet in airports.

Is there ever going to be a phase of parenting when I don’t want to reach out to another mom that’s been there?  My oldest is almost 20 and it still happens.

And how about those disagreements with your husband where you don’t feel heard at all and damaging words are shared?

Have you ever lost a loved one?  A parent or a spouse?  Sometimes there are no words but just being together makes a difference.

In the expanded Sisterhood Experience, we have created these safe, sacred circle where you can ask and say anything…… because there are women who know and have been there too.

And it’s not aired across a “private” Facebook group (because we all know they can’t really be private).   These are intimate, private heart-to-heart conversations with other women via phone and / or video conference and include an expert in each topic.

Participate in any of the private Sisterhood Heart-to-Heart Talks by registering at the link below:

Participate in any of the private Sisterhood Heart-to-Heart Talks by registering at the link below:

Heart-to-Heart Work-Life Balance Talk

Weary from juggling it all?  You're Not Alone Mama! 

LIVE: Thursday, September 26th  8:30 PM EST
Recording Now Available

A top 3 topic I see in every Facebook group with working moms is that moment you think you've reached the breaking point.

Can anyone in this house but me replace the toilet paper!?!?!?!?

It seems the load is all on you.   (and to be honest.... it probably is... and you probably can take a little ownership into why that is).

Let's discuss rebalancing the load and giving you some breathing space.

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Heart-to-Heart Fertility Talk

Feeling stressed, ashamed and guilty that your body isn't yet pregnant?  That can end with this conversation.

LIVE: Thursday, September 22  9 PM EST
Recording Now Available

According to Harvard research, there are 8 million women in the world who want to get pregnant, but they are experiencing fertility issues. 

That’s 8 million women who are stressed and feel shame and guilt because they desperately want to have a baby and they feel like their body has turned against them.  

Our Expert:  Meet Aimee Raupp.

Aimee has over 16 years of clinical experience and she is here to help you take back the power over your health and fertility.... and she's gifted in that safe and sacred talk for women who want to get pregnant.

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Heart-to-Heart Emotions Talk

In Crisis Mode?  How Do We Function When Life Throws Us.... Cancer, Divorce, Job Loss, Overwhelming Parental Responsibility or Just the Stress of Relationships with an %**&$?

LIVE: Wednesday October 2  3 PM EST
Recap Now Available

The only thing that brought me through my crisis seasons was a good heart-to-heart with girlfriends who understood.

I despised letting my emotions take over and own me....but at the same time needed to get them out.

Let's talk about strategies to function when we are in one of those crisis mode seasons.

** Even if you aren't but can relate or know someone who is.... we'd love to hear your heart in this conversation.

*I’m a proud affiliate of many of these programs.  I truly believe in any program and partner I share with you. I may earn a referral fee if you enroll in the course from my recommendation.

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