The women's event that's too fun to call a conference.  
And too important to call a girls weekend.
Experience a Break and a Breakthrough
with women who get you
The women's event that's too fun to call a conference.  
And too important to call a girls weekend.

Experience a Break and a Breakthrough
with women who get you
Hi Sister Friends....
I know.  I used to hate that girly stuff and "sister" words too.   Until....I realized how lost I am without a powerful community of women around me who are...

Real, Vulnerable, Truth Tellers ....who can relate to what I'm going through.

In 2012 I founded the Fire Wife Sisterhood, as a community to strengthen marriages of firefighters.

Now, 7 years later, I'm an ex-fire wife who left it all on the table fighting for my marriage.....and I would have never survived that season without a  sisterhood around me.

As an online business owner, I'm surrounded by another sisterhood of work-from-home-moms who say "I see you, girl.  Take a breather but don't quit now."

As a divorced, single mom, I have a local community of new sisters learning to navigate this season together.

I'm just another "regular girl" who fights every woman's battle of self-worth and self-confidence in my own swirling thoughts.  (And I won't pretend it doesn't happen behind those pretty pics on social media!)

No matter your season, we are all stronger together.
I invite every woman to move with me into my NEXT season of sisterhood.  
Watch the Sisterhood Experience in Her Words....
The Inaugural Sisterhood Experience was a success!

Our next event is February 27-29, 2020 in sunny and warm Orlando, Florida!
 So, save the date and sign up for the Sisterhood Experience Waitlist below to be notified when registration opens. 

Join the Sisterhood Experience Waitlist 


Join the Sisterhood Experience Waitlist 

Find Your Connection to a Sacred and Safe Sisterhood

For women in their 30s-40s-50s who are weary but know they can take a break, reset and come back stronger than ever with even more to give.

Each Sisterhood Experience is Unique to the Individual.  Here are a few examples of what you can achieve:
Discover the next step you need to take in your career or business

How do I escape the day job?  How do I grow my own business to the next level?  Perhaps is it time to start something new?

Leap the mental hurdle that has been holding you back in that relationship

Can I live in peace with my narcissistic parent?   How do I build a stronger bond with my difficult child?   I want to grow closer to my spouse.

Find the strength and courage to do that next hard thing you know you need to do

Need to change careers?  Ask for a raise?  Face a difficult person in your life?  Walk through a medical crisis?   

Learn to find peace and strength in the midst of a storm of life 

Some battles we don't choose.  Learn how to walk through the valley and towards healing, comfort and peace.

For Working Moms,
Corporate Climbers...

But most of all... 
for any woman feeling alone in the good fight.
{ special love for first responder wives, those fighting for marriage or surviving divorce and single parenting }
During the Sisterhood Experience You Will.....
Meet online but build deeper connections with in person fun and activities.
Some fun just to be fun.  Some meaningful moments because that's how a Sisterhood happens.
Connect with real and relatable women.  And be safely vulnerable together.
The Sisterhood confidentiality is sacred.  But you only need to open up as much as you are comfortable and ready for.
Be uplifted by women who have been there too.  Experience mentoring and non-judgmental support across generations
You will not feel judged by this Sisterhood.  Nor will you feel alone in your struggles.  No woman should fight alone.
Have meaningful, memorable fun
Ok, sometimes it might be plain silly but that's also how a sisterhood is created.
Included for All Attendees:

Professional Head Shots
Unlike stuffy business photos, these will magnify your true beauty

A Rescue Pack stuffed with women supporting products from all of our favorite partners
Think beauty, food, productivity and fun.... all that you can hide from your kids and keep for yourself!

Thursday night Cocktails with CBus's best ambiance

Friday Lunch

Saturday "fun & fearless" activity

2020 Goal Planner
Lori's unique mom-friendly seasonal method
Plus follow up accountability system

A Sisterhood "Match"
Even starting before the event to begin those connections

Additionally Included for Business VIPS:

A Shout Out and Listing In our Fall 2019 Referral Directory
Special name tags and access to your business in ways that are GOOD genuine marketing and not pushy and salesy

An Extra Half Day of Business Training
Lunch plus an additional 4 hours of training with Lori's strategic business tools and marketing and sales systems

An Extra Half Day of Business Training
Lunch plus an additional 4 hours of training with Lori's strategic business tools and marketing and sales systems

A core value in my business is to generously give back.   
For every 10 attendees of the Sisterhood Experience, we will sponsor training for a woman in need.

As my Fire Wife Sisterhood community grew and as I walked through stages of my own divorce, it became shockingly evident how many women are stuck in abusive situations without the financial means or support system to escape with dignity.

With the support of my own local Sisterhood of divorcees, we have started a resource hub for these women.  This event will directly provide mentoring, professional business photos, resume and interviewing support for single moms rebuilding their lives.


Hi Friends,

For many years I have informally mentored women in business and life.  From marriages, to juggling motherhood and work, to business building and of course, friendship.

Now as the big 5-0 approaches, it's go time.  I'm honored to lead you through a fun, innovative and collaborative experience that I first applied in the Fire Wife Sisterhood and now cannot wait to expand to my broader network of women.


Downtown CBus is the place to be with renovated communities and hot new restaurants, meeting spaces and entertainment.

Join the Sisterhood at the downtown DoubleTree Suites with affordable group rates

(and plenty of room for sharing....because....I've met some of my best sisterhood friends by randomly rooming up to save hotel costs for events!  It's scientifically proven.)

Experience our city in one of its prime seasons - Fall - great weather and of course that Buckeye football vibe!

(and if you don't like football....this just means the alternative venues are less crowded to enjoy!)

New participants in my Virtual Work Mentoring program receive a free VIP Business registration!

6 Weeks of focused video training

All the templates and tools you need, including a professional website

One-on-one mentoring calls with Lori


(Register by February 1st, 2020 for Free Attendance)

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Partners will be featured online across our platforms reaching over 100,000 women on email and social media thru the end of the year.

The History of Sisterhood and How This Mission Began
By Lori Mercer, Founder of Firefighter Wife and Champion to Working Moms Everywhere

I would not be standing here without the support of the women in my life.  

At the same time, I have been hurt more by female friendships than any other in my life and that made me back off.

I've also been loved on better by female friendships than any other in my life.

For most of my 30's I felt so alone in the working-mom rat race.  I wished for more female friendships in my life but had no idea where to find them or how to find time to connect.

I dreamed that a Mom-BFF-neighbor would build a house on the empty lots down the street from me.

I dropped requests into the prayer basket at church for the prayer team to connect me with another working mom who could share some wisdom (at least 17 times I requested this.....with no response.  Heart breaking.)

I loved my husband.  I loved my work (and wanted to still achieve there).  I cherished being a mother to 4.  I literally had it all.

But it was HARD.  And no one in my life seemed to understand the struggle of the balance.

Every other woman around me seemed to be dashing around with equally stressed lives too busy to stop and notice..... we're all in this fight together.

It was ultimately the struggles in my marriage, the most intimate relationship in my life, that led me to  build the Fire Wife Sisterhood.   At first, it was a therapeutic blogging platform.  Very quickly I sensed we struck a nerve.

Within the first few days, weeks and months we had formed tight online friendships and were planning a national gathering.  These women GOT MY LIFE.  And we just had to hug each other in person.

Finally, I found a Sisterhood.  The kind I felt in my college years and twenties but that had faded away as life and motherhood over-defined me.

This Sisterhood was on my mind each day.  We laughed, texted, shared care packages and yes, flew across the country to hang out in person.

7 years later it's still a thriving community that connects Fire Wives every day.

Since then, my Sisterhood connections have truly been tested by the fires of life.

I lost my father to cancer, walked my daughter through anorexia, graduated a son from high school and moved him across the country.  Then navigated a new space as the mom of a gay son.

All the while I'm running my own business (yes! I had escaped corporate!) but my marriage was crumbling, the anger escalating and my super human strength I had always relied on to "do it all" was crushed with pain.

The people who showed up strongest for me in this season was the Sisterhood.

I now have multiple "Sisterhoods" in my life.  The Fire Wives are still solid (even now as an ex fire wife....true friendships transcend the subtitles of life).  I also have a solid group of 40-something divorcees plus my ever favorite work at home entrepreneur friends.

Here I am now, on the other side of a rough season, realizing that I wouldn't be standing if it wasn't for that Sisterhood.

And right now..... there's a woman who needs the same.

I'm driven to make sure that the magic we built in the Fire Wife Sisterhood must grow to serve more communities of women.

Can I ask you to trust me with this?   

I feel somewhat abandoned by the generation of women before me.  Where were they early on when my marriage started to go off the tracks?  And I needed career help negotiating in corporate?

I know how scary it is to be vulnerable and take a chance with a group of friends.

Here's where you can trust me.....

For 8 years now we've run our live events for fire wives and everyone shows up scared and leaves so courageously and sacredly connected.

My goal for the Sisterhood Experience Inaugural Event is for you to leave with the belief and motivation that you can do anything and a community of women who will support you through it all.

You will say "Remember CBus Fall 2019?"  And that's all that needs to be said.  The experience is a feeling too big for words.

© 2019 by The Sisterhood Experience / Mercer Unlimited, Inc. All Rights Reseved.
© 2019 by The Sisterhood Experience / Mercer Unlimited, Inc. All Rights Reseved.